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A visual collective specializing in the creation of new media art projects and commissions. It is the studio name for Conrad Gleber and Gail Rubini.

"AwareProjX synthesizes technology and provides solutions, which include: technology, media, creative design and user experience. They bring together local, national and international artists, all of them dynamic, creative and collaborative artists with skills in design, photo and video. Based in Philadelphia, after many years in New York and Florida, the artists of AwareProjX have never quite settled into a single category of art making”.


QR Codes can be thought of as a gate-way to connect print
with digital media. All you need to do is aim a smart phone camera and snap a picture.  QR codes should ideally instantly link the user to relevant, timely, valuable content such as a video, art piece etc.

2012 Expose, Intervene, Occupy: Re-Interpreting Public Space

An Augmented Reality application for internet enabled mobile devices that will interrogate the meaning of public space using models, images, text and movies overlaid on locations in Chicago’s loop.

Our collectives, unreal-estates and V1b3 and awareprojx propose a project to be executed jointly with other invited artists that will “tag” various downtown locations in the Chicago loop with artist-created messages to be accessed through mobile devices and AR (augmented reality) point of interest markers and other location-based tagging systems

The work will make challenging artwork accessible to a broad range of people on the street who may not encounter art in their everyday lives other than large, public sculpture.  The work we propose reframes public art as intervention and reinterpretation; it will be a provocation to consider issues relevant to culture and the environment.


Hilton Hotel New York City
v1b3 and awareprojx presents media works that in the broadest terms possible explore the context of the hotel room as a modular space of transient occupation.

Artists presenting work include:

Olga Ast, Julia Druk & Alex Reid – Under the Bed
Annette Barbier – Stages
Christopher Cassidy – Globequilting
Elizabeth Demaray– Tell Me TV
Greg Garvey – PULL FOR FIRE (an 'hommage' to Jim Dine)
David Gordon – Toilet Art
Jim Jeffers – Crude: Black Gold, Texas Tea, and Me
Mary Agnes Krell – Nothing that is not there

v1b3 Winter 2011 was presented in conjunction with the New Media Caucus at the College Art Association Conference.

2010 My Alaska, too

My Alaska, Too combines writing and images to reveal multiple perspectives of people when they wonder, “What is Alaska like?” The result is a portrait made up of samples from people who visited for a short time or lived here long enough to call it home.

Printed on the top row of glass are edited comments by people who live in Alaska addressing why they live here. It seemed to us that whether they moved here or were born here there was an attitude about being or of passage growing up Alaskan is deciding to stay or move.

The ribbon of six monitors display photographs tagged with various unique Alaska subjects. Every twelve hours (7AM to 7 PM) the computers that search for the pictures retrieve more than 50,000 photos. They are made and shared by many individuals who have in common their experiences in Alaska. The collection of images seen over time shape what is commonly and uncommonly a dynamic state of being in Alaska.

On the third row are various forms of poetry written by Alaskan writers. They were selected to reveal the relationship that these artists have with the landscape, nature and people in Alaska. Their work is ironic, humorous and serious. It requires more time and contemplation than the content above it but the poems provide an opportunity to glimpse at the sublime order and perspective of Alaska felt by Alaskans.

–Painted Bride News Release, November 2007

The first and ongoing project is to present artwork in the lobby entrance of their Old City studio on First Fridays. Works included video, audio and large scaled prints.

The Painted Bride Art Center initiated the second project when they commissioned an exhibition of digital artwork titled digital:space:object. It was on exhibit from November 2007 to January 2008.

In November 2007, Nic Potter, a painting professor from Fresno State University, and I created an installation in the La Salle Museum entitled, Utopian Nightmares::Dystopian Daydreams. The site-specific design combined paintings with small video screens placed among the paintings displaying photos that simulated surveillance images being taken of the museum salon.

The Rivers Project::Delaware began as a call to artists living along the Delaware River to submit their work to be included in a multi-media display that creates an image of the role that the river plays in the development of culture. It was included in an exhibiton at the 2009 Delaware Arts Council in Narrowsburg, NY.